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Alvarius B (2-CD)

(Abduction 011, 2012)

2-CD reissue includes 6 bonus tracks

Originally released as a 2-LP in 1998, this is the 2nd Alvarius B album.

All 45 tracks have vocals. (The first Alvarius B. album was all-instrumental.)

Some songs on this sprawling set were later reworked by Sun City Girls and issued on Dante's Disneyland Inferno, 330,003 Cross Dressers and Box of Chameleons.

The 2012 CD reissue comes in tri-fold Digipak and includes six bonus tracks, a booklet with lyrics to all 45 songs, and liner notes by Trey Spruance.


Side A:
White Ball
Cooking With Satan
Seeing-eye Latte
Hippe Conglomerate
Civet's Tengo
Rage Counselor
Blood Baby
Switch Stripe Shins
Sex Cult From the University

Side B:
Weather Funeral
The Clearout
Great White
Flying Skillet
Shovel in the Chest
Ghost of South Carolina
Black Eyed Boat
Through the Heart

Side C:
Indian Summer Moon
The Detector
Doctor Green bomb
Curse of the Left Shoe Demon
Third Lung
Once Upon a Time in Persia
Miss you?...No
Viking Christmas

Side D:
Sky Sharks
Chinese Checker
The Great Fuck Inaccessible
The Draw
Satan's Blanket
Sun Bear Gall Bladder Bile
The Glide Underneath
Under the Light
The Decoration

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