History of Sun City Girls Performances: All Shows

All dates listed below are SCG shows featuring Alan Bishop/Richard Bishop/Charles Gocher. Linda Cushma was still a member for the first 3 shows listed below. There were SCG performances pre-Gocher (1981/1982) but they have not been included in this list. There have been numerous "duet shows" and solo performances by all 3 SCGs, but they are not listed here either.

Some dates require further investigation and as time/additional research permits, more details will be added. If you know of an addition/mistake, let us know and we will add/correct it.

There are currently 327 shows listed.

1983 | 1984 | 1984 tour w/ JFA | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989
1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999
2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007


10-30 Alwun House Art Gallery (Phoenix, AZ) - Lineup: AB / RB / CG / Linda Cushma
11-7 Alwun House (Phoenix) - Lineup: AB / RB / CG / Linda Cushma
11-12 House Party (Tempe, AZ) - Lineup: AB / RB / CG / Linda Cushma
12-6 Calderon Ballroom (Phoenix w/ Black Flag) - First show as Trio
12-18 Mad Gardens (Phoenix)
12-31 New Years Eve house party (Phoenix)


1-10 Alwun House (Phoenix)
1-12 Tent City (Phoenix Homeless Shelter)
2-5 Grotto of Miracles (Tempe)
2-6 Tempe Post office (Tempe / on the street)
2-7 Rick Video's House Party (Phoenix)
2-17 Chuy's Jazz Club (Tempe)
2-19 AAA Gardeners Club (Phoenix) w/ Mighty Sphincter / Poet's Corner
2-25 Tony's Italian Pizza (Tempe)
3-19 Club Mayhem (Mesa, AZ) w/ Meat Puppets
3-26 Mad Gardens (Phoenix) w/ Flipper / Meat Puppets / Sphincter
4-10 Park and Swap (Phoenix Greyhound Park)
4-29 Decadance (Phoenix) w/ Meat Puppets / Victory Acres
9-3 Udinotti Gallery (Phoenix)
9-29 Happy Suds Laundromat (Mesa, AZ) w/ Poet's Corner / Mike Beram
10-5 Funnyfellows Restaurant (Phoenix)
10-8 Whiskers West (Phoenix) w/ Meat Puppets / Maybe Mental
11-11 Mad Gardens (Phoenix) w/ Violent Femmes / Zany Guys
12-2 The Greenhouse (Tempe) w/ Eddy Detroit / Hellfire / Zany Guys


1-16 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
1-20 Whiskers West (Phoenix) w/ Eddy Detroit / Hellfire / Zany Guys
1-23 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Meat Puppets
1-30 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Maybe Mental / Zany Guys
2-13 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ JFA / Domino Theory
2-18 The Temple (Phoenix) w/ Meat Puppets / Mighty sphincter
2-20 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
2-27 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
3-6 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
3-13 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
3-20 Nino's (Tucson) w/ Domino Theory
3-27 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
4-3 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
4-13 Donna Oliphants Birthday Party
4-16 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ JFA
4-19 Las Vegas (w / JFA and Mity Sphincter)
4-21 On Broadway (San Francisco) w/ JFA, Mity Sphincter, Fang
4-28 AAA Gardeners Club (Phoenix)
5-9 Knights of Pythias Hall (Tempe)
5-26 Bundini's Warehouse (Phoenix) w/ Vandals
5-27 Zia Records (Tempe in-store)
6-7 Purple Turtle (Phoenix) - w/ JFA

1984 US / CANADA Tour with JFA - June, July, August

JFA played every show unless noted. Additional groups listed below for each city if remembered/documented.

6-19 Albequerque, NM
6-20 Kokehaus (El Paso, TX) w/ Big Boys
6-21 Villa Fontana (San Antonio, TX) w/ Big Boys
6-22 Consolidated Arts Warehouse (Houston, TX) w/ Marginal Man
6-24 Liberty Lunch (Austin, TX)
6-25 Twilight Room (Dallas, TX) w/ Corrosion of Conformity
6-26 Fool Killer Theater (Kansas City, MO)
6-27 Mississippi Nights (St. Louis, MO)
6-28 Rickie's Cantina (Bloomington, IN) w/ Killing Children
6-30 The Jockey Club (Newport, KY)
7-1 Cantrells (Nashville, TN)
7-2 The Antennae (Memphis, TN)
7-3 Jacy's (Baton Rouge, LA)
7-5 House Party (Gainsville, FL) No JFA (cops came and ended Party after SCG set)
7-6 / 7-7 Flynn's (Miami FL 2 Shows)
7-8 American Legion Hall (Orlando FL) w/ Damage
7-9 Metroplex (Atlanta, GA)
7-10 Vic and Bill's (Knoxville, TN)
7-11 A Church in a Basement ? (Durham, NC w/ Tex and the Horseheads)
7-12 Hard Times (Richmond ,VA)
7-13 The Newton Theater (Washington DC)
7-17 The Court Tavern (East Brunswick, NJ)
7-20 Alpha Chi-Roe Frat House at Penn Campus (Philadelphia PA)
7-21 The Paradise (Boston, MA)
7-22 Electric Body Association (Albany, NY)
7-23 Cargo (Montreal, Quebec)
7-25 Quoc Te' (Toronto, ONT)
7-26 JB's (Kent State University (Ohio) 2 shows)
7-27 The Lakefront (Cleveland, OH)
8-2 JB's (Madison, WI) w/ Meat Joy
8-3 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN -2 shows)
8-9 Art Gallery ? (Seattle, WA) No JFA (cops came and ended show)
8-10 (Olympia, WA)
8-14 The Entertainment Factory (Sacramento, CA)
8-16 Mabuhay Gardens (San Francisco, CA w/ Mighty Sphincter)
8-17 Cathay De Grand (Los Angeles, CA w/ Mighty Sphincter)
8-19 Knights of Pythias Hall (Phoenix, AZ ) Last show of Tour
9-3 Clark Rigsby's House Party (Tempe)
9-10 Clancy's (Tempe) w/ Minutemen
10-7 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
11-14 Wreck's (Tucson)
12-17 Theater in the Gulch (Bisbee, AZ) w/ Domino Theory
12-25 Purple Turtle (Phoenix) w/ Joke Flower


2-4 Mason Jar (Phoenix w/ Racer X)
2-14 AAA Gardeners Club (Phoenix - w/ Meat Puppets / Racer X)
3-7 Sound Seas (El Paso, TX) w/ Mighty Sphincter / Dr Michael Pemulis
3-28 AAA Gardeners Club (Phoenix) w/ Maybe Mental / Mighty Sphincter
4-15 House Party (Tempe - Dan and Mary Clark's house)
8-24 ASU Mem. Union (Tempe) SCG Big Band / Joke Flower / Maybe Mental
10-24 Valley Art Movie Theatre (Tempe) w/ Joke Flower
10-26 AAA Gardeners Club (Phoenix) w/ Joke Flower / Domino Theory
11-16 Electric Rhino (Phoenix) w/ Sphincter / Maybe Mental / Joke Flower
12-7 Vivian's (Phoenix w/ Meat Puppets?Mighty Sphincter / Response)
12-8 Party Gardens (Phoenix) w/ Necros / Raw Power
12-15 Bootleggers (Phoenix) w/ Domino Theory
12-21 Jaguar Club (Phoenix) w/ Eddy Detroit / Joke Flower / Sphincter
12-31 New Years Eve Party (Phoenix - 335 W. Willetta)


1-23 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Circle Jerks (2 shows)
1-24 Crash (Phoenix) w/ Caroliner
1-31 Crash (Phoenix)
2-7 Mason Jar (Phoenix w/ Green on Red)
2-9 Vivian's (Phoenix) w/ Vandals / Racer X / Boot Beast Carnival
3-16 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Tex and the Horseheads / The Harvest
4-10 Impulse Club (Phoenix) w/ Groovy Truth / Domino Theory
4-22 Mason Jar (Phoenix) Anti-Apartheid Benefit
4-27 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Mad Parade
5-11 Mason Jar (Phoenix) Big Mountain Benefit / Hans Olsen
5-31 Crash (Phoenix) Grotto of Miracles LP release party
6-1 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Frightwig / SWA / NOMEANSNO
6-20 Powell and Market (San Francisco show on the street)
6-20 Club Foot (SF, CA) w/ Beanchurch / Caroliner
7-2 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Sonic Youth / Saccharine Trust
7-4 Monsoon's (Flagstaff, AZ) w/ Six Flags Over Jesus
10-1 KASR Radio Live show (In studio at ASU campus)
11-15 The Metro (Phoenix) J. Biafra benefit
Somebodys house ? (Sedona, AZ)
The Metro (Phoenix)
The Metro (Phoenix)
Anti-Club (Los Angeles) w/ Saccharine Trust


Crash (Phoenix) w/ JFA
The Cleanhouse (Phoenix)
Mason Jar (Phoenix)
Anti-Club (Los Angeles) w/ SWA / Lawndale / Zoogs Rift
Drama City / ASU Campus (Tempe)
3-14 924 Gilman Street (Berkeley, CA)
5-13 Crash (Phoenix) w/ Snakefinger
5-21 Mason Jar (Phoenix) w/ Eugene Chadbourne
5-22 House of Karate (phoenix) w/ Eugene Chadbourne
7-4 Graybill Ranch (Chino Valley, AZ)
9-11 Rub-A-Dub-Club (Tempe) w/ Joke Flower
9-18 Club Congress (Tucson) w/ Poet's Corner
10-17 ASU Music Bldg. (Tempe) w/ Jello Biafra
12-17 11 E. Ashland Gallery (Phoenix)


1-23 Crash (Phoenix)
2-10 Nurine's House Party (Phoenix)
4-23 Muddy Waters (New Orleans / Jazz Fest 88)
5-6 East Side Records (Tempe) In-store show
7-17 Graybill Ranch (Chino Valley, AZ) w/ Sabot / Burning Bush
8-15 Excorcism House show (Phoenix)
8-26 Sun Club (Tempe)
9-29 East Side Records (Tempe) In-store show w/ Jack Wright / Damon Bostrom
10-3 11 E. Ashland Gallery (Phoenix) w/ Troy Weber / Damon Bostrom
10-15 Crash (Phoenix) w/ Meat Puppets
10-29 Rundle's Party (Tempe)
11-2 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Victory Acres / Tristan Shtaka
11-19 Time Out of Mind (Phoenix) w/ Victory Acres
12-6 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Half-Japanese / Victory Acres


1-22 ASU Music Bldg. (Tempe)
2-11 Dodijak (Tucson) w/ Black Sun Ensemble
2-22 ASU Music Bldg. (Tempe)
3-10 Time Out of Mind (Phoenix) w/ Victory Acres
3-26 Sun Club (Tempe)
3-28 Mason Jar (Phoenix)
5-16 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Warlock Pinchers
5-20 Lo-Ball Club (Tempe) w/ Caroliner
6-16 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ The Dickies / Eugene Chadbourne
6-25 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Crash Worship / Nirvana
7-8 Wat Soi Rambutri (Bangkok THAILAND)
8-3 Equatorial Hotel (Padang Sidempuan Sumatra / INDONESIA)
9-23 Pelni Passenger Ship (from Surabaya to Medan / INDONESIA-2 shows)
12-31 Gallery X (Phoenix) w/ Victory Acres / The Gary Russell Apocalypse


4-10 Hollywood Alley (Mesa, AZ) w/ Tragic Mulatto
5-19 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Mother Helper
6-3 Asylum (Tempe) w/ Psychic TV / Celebrity Skin
6-16 Hollywood Alley (Mesa) w/ Victory Acres
6-23 House Party (Oakland, CA) TFUL House
6-24 Covered Wagon (SF, CA) w/ Junglee / Caroliner / Merchants of New Bizarre
6-27 Mount Shasta National Forest (California)
6-28 Wow Hall (Eugene, OR) w/ Hellcows / Mudwimmin
6-29 Blue Gallery (Portland) w/ Hellcows
6-30 Reko Muse Gallery (Olympia, WA) w/ Hellcows
7-1 Artest (Vancouver, BC) w/ Hellcows
7-2 Town Pump (Vancouver, BC) w/ Superconductor
7-2 CITR Radio (Live Show on air) Vancouver BC
7-4 UFO Café (Portland) w/ Hellcows / Mudwimmin
7-24 Tal's Dart Bar (Hattiesburg, MS) w/ Polyester Pig Glut
7-25 American Hotel (Hattiesburg, MS)
7-26 Tip Top Café (Huntsville, AL) w/ Monster Dog
7-28 The Downstairs (Athens, GA)
8-2 Cats Cradle (Chapel Hill, NC) w/ Eugene Chadbourne
8-4 Miracle House of Rock (Greensboro, NC) w/ Eugene Chadbourne
8-10 WFMU Radio (East Orange, NJ) Live show in studio
8-10 Sideshows by The Seashore (Brooklyn / Coney Island, NY) w/ King Missle / When People were short and lived near the water
8-11 Court Tavern (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ E.Chadbourne / Raging Lamos
8-12 Knitting Factory (NYC) 2 Shows w/ Eugene Chadbourne
8-13 Jazzberry's (Rochester, NY) w/ Eugene Chadbourne
8-16 Third World Café (New Haven, CT) w/ Pseudonymphs
8-18 Worcester Artists Group (Worcester, MA) w/ Pseudonymphs
8-19 Greenstreet Station (Boston) w/ Psychodrama / Dredd Fool / Cul De Sac
8-23 Shorty's Underground (Cincinnati) w/ The Healing System
8-24 Club Lower Links (Chicago) w/ ODIR
8-26 Uptown Café (MPLS, MN) w/ Jonestown
11-17 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ 8-Circuit Model
12-3 Sun Club (Tempe)
12-8 House Party (Phoenix) Gary Merril's House
12-26 Chuy's (Tempe) w/ Burning Bush / Sugar Babies
12-31 Silver Dollar (Phoenix) w/ 8CM / JFA / Sugar Babies / Badass Motherfuckers


1-19 Sun Club (Tempe, AZ) w/ You're Soaking In It
2-22 Sun Club (Tempe, AZ) w/ Wonderwall / 8-Circuit Model
2-23 Downtown Performance Center (Tucson) w/ Prostrating Head
3-9 Asylum (Tempe) w/ Redd Kross
3-29 Silver Dollar (Phoenix) w/ Hellfire
4-17 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Nomeansno / No Man
4-27 Icehouse (Phoenix) w/ Brett Goldstone
5-5 Silver Dollar (Phoenix) w/ Life Garden / Blurt
6-22 Soap Box Café (Scottsdale, AZ) w/ Eddy Detroit
7-19 Sun Club (Tempe) w/ Beats the Hell Outta Me
8-17 Sun Club (Tempe) SCG BIG BAND w/ Growth / 8-Circuit Model
9-8 Silver Dollar (Phoenix) w/ Life Garden / Orphans & Widows / Hernia R.A.
9-21 House Party (Phoenix) Doug Clark's House


5-9 Gallery X (Phoenix) w/ Life Garden
10-3 Gallery X (Phoenix)
10-9 Theaterworks (Glendale, AZ) w/ Beats the Hell outta Me
10-10 Theaterworks (Glendale, AZ) w/ Mighty Sphincter
10-11 Heinz Afterworld Lounge (Oakland) w/ The Molecules
10-12 The Chameleon (SF, CA) w/ The Bringdownz / Faxed Head
10-13 The Chameleon (SF, CA) w/ Zip Code Rapists / 3-Day Stubble
10-15 Satyricon (Portland) w/ TFUL / Saliva Tree
10-16 Off Ramp (Seattle) w/ TFUL / Diamond Fist Werny / Kalbearer Hotel
10-17 Cruel Elephant (Vancouver, BC) w/ TFUL / Vinigrettes
10-18 Scratch Records (Vancouver, BC) In-store show
10-19 Harpo's (Victoria, BC) w/ TFUL
10-21 Westward (Calgary AB) w/ TFUL / D.O.A.
10-23 Macaroni Masonic Temple (Winnipeg, MN) w/ TFUL
10-24 Uptown (MPLS, MN) w/ TFUL
10-25 Hairy Mary's (Des Moines) w/ TFUL
10-27 Club Lower Links (Chicago)
10-29 Lounge Ax (Chicago) w/ TFUL
10-30 Reptile House (Grand Rapids, MI) w/ TFUL / Retard Bus
10-31 Heidelberg (Ann Arbor MI) w/ TFUL
11-1 Staches (Columbus, OH) w/ TFUL
11-2 Euclid Tavern (Cleveland, OH) w/ TFUL / Vinyl Back
11-4 Eerl's Records (Albany, NY) In-Store show
11-4 C.O.N. Artists (Boston) w/ TFUL
11-5 Maxwells (Hoboken, NJ) w/ TFUL / Mommyheads
11-6 CBGB's (NY, NY) w/ TFUL / Faith Healers / Grifters / Tomato
11-7 Khyber Pass (Philadelphia) w/ TFUL / Strapping Field Hands
11-8 TT & The Bears (Boston) w/ TFUL / Cul De Sac
11-9 9:30 Club (Wash. DC) w/ TFUL / Mommyheads
11-11 Rockefellas (Columbia SC) w/ TFUL / Spore
11-12 Cat's Cradle (Chapel Hill, NC) w/ TFUL
11-13 Jacob's Run (Wilmington, NC) w/ TFUL
11-14 Masquerade (Atlanta) w/ TFUL / Dead Milkmen
11-17 Emo's (Austin) w/ TFUL
11-20 Downtown Performance Center (Tucson) w/ TFUL / Mondo Guano
11-21 Boston's (Tempe, AZ) w/ TFUL / Eddy Detroit's Ubangi Sextet


7-30 Off Ramp (Seattle) w/ 3-Day Stubble / Steel Pole Bathtub
10-26 Re-Bar (Seattle) w/ Kalbearer Hotel
10-28 Larry Blakes (Berkeley, CA) w/ Miss Murgatroid / Visceral Tatoo
10-29 Great American Music Hall (SF, CA) w/ Caroliner / TFUL #282 / 3-Day Stubble
10-30 Nightbreak (SF, CA) w/ Zip Code Rapists / The Molecules


1-15 Off Ramp (Seattle) w/ Zip Code Rapists / Hyperlung
1-16 Satyricon (Portland) w/ Zip Code Rapists / Plastic Horn Devils
2-26 KCMU Radio Live show (Seattle)
11-18 Moe's Café (Seattle) w/ TFUL #282 / Fly Ashtray
11-19 Satyricon (Portland) w/ TFUL #282 / Fly Ashtray
11-21 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ The Molecules
11-22 Great American Music Hall (SF, CA) w/ TFUL #282 / Fly Ashtray


July Moe's Café (Seattle) 2 Shows w/ THE BOREDOMS
9-23 The Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA) "Fire Walking and Decapitation Seminar" Festival w/ Merzbow, MNortham, Roughage, Climax Golden Twins, Lab Rat, Noggin, Small Cruel Party, Blowhole, Deerhoof, Ultra Mundane, Rubber O Cement, Smegma, Miss Murgatroid, Daniel Menche, Project W, Toi Noddingturd Fan, Pork Queen, Violent Onsen Giesha


3-30 Moe's Café (Seattle)
3-31 Starfish Room (Vancouver, BC)
4-5 Tokyo Japan w/ Akaten / Violent Onsen Geisha
4-7 Nagoya Japan w/ COA / V.O.G.
4-9 Kyoto Japan w/ Marijuana / V.O.G.
4-10 Osaka Japan w/ Hanatarash / V.O.G.
July SCG play John Coltrane's "Live in Seattle" at an Indian Restaurant which is the exact location of the original club Coltrane performed in.
8-24 Pound Gallery (Seattle)


April Moe's Café (Seattle) w/ The Ruins
April Ed's (Portland) w/ Truman's Water / Irving Klaw Trio
6-15 Crocodile Café, Seattle w/ Three Day Stubble / July 4th Toilet



11-11 Graceland (Seattle) w/ Futsitsusha


3-18 The Rainbow (Seattle)
10-26 Eye Spy (Seattle) w/ Climax Golden Twins
11-18 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ 3-Day Stubble


5-19 The Rainbow (Seattle)
6-1 Anza Club (Vancouver, BC) w/ Jackie O Motherfucker


2-16 The Pearl (Seattle)
2-23 The Pearl (Seattle)
5-17 Sit and Spin (Seattle) w/ Miss Murgatroid
11-1 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ Eyvind Kang and the Neti Neti Band / Gerald Hawk
11-2 Bottom of the Hill (SF, CA) w/ Monopause / Gerald Hawk
11-3 Hemlock Tavern (SF, CA) w/ Eyvind Kang and the Neti Neti Band / Gerald Hawk
11-6 Hollywood Alley (Mesa, AZ) w/ Victory Acres / Eddy Detroit
11-8 Club Congress (Tucson, AZ) w/ Coin
11-9 Troubador (LA, CA) w/ Trunken Karnickel
11-13 Dante's (Portland, OR) w/ Listening Station
11-15 Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) w/ 90-Day Men
11-16 Knitting Factory (NY, NY) w/ Outhud
11-17 Knitting Factory (NY, NY) w/ Outhud
11-30 Graceland (Seattle) w/ Climax Golden Twins


10-28 Rendezvous Lounge (Seattle)
12-6 Java Jive (Tacoma, WA) w/ SPECS ONE


3-27 All Tomorrow's Parties Festival (East Sussex, UK)
5-6 The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) — film presentation, plus The Oxes
5-7 The Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) w/ Neung Phak
5-8 Onopa Brewing Co. (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Neung Phak
5-9 Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN) w/ Neung Phak
5-21 Berbati's Pan (Portland, OR) w/ Cerberus Shoal
5-22 Sunset Tavern (Seattle, WA) w/ Cerberus Shoal
6-4 La Sala Rossa (Montreal, QC)
6-5 La Sala Rossa (Montreal, QC)
10-21 Ash Street Saloon (Portland, OR) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-22 China Clipper Club Cafe (Olympia, WA) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-28 The Knitting Factory (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-29 The Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA) w/ Neung Phak / Six Organs of Admittance
10-29 The Triple Door (Seattle, WA) w/ Six Organs of Admittance
10-30 The Werepad (San Francisco, CA) w/ Secret Chiefs 3 (Ishraqiyun) / Master Musicians of Bukkake
11-12 Emo's (Austin, TX) w/ Six Organs of Admittance


9-14 Instal Festival (Glasgow, Scotland) w/ Jandek, Hijokaidan, Birchville Cat Motel, Directing Hand, Loren Mazzacane Connors, and many others.


12-9 All Tomorrows Parties' The Nightmare Before Christmas Festival (Minehead, Somerset, England), Dec. 8-10 w/ 57 groups including Iggy & The Stooges, Sonic Youth, Flipper, Nurse With Wound, The New Blockaders With The Haters, Peter Brotzmann, Gang of Four, Deerhoof, Six Organs of Admittance, and many others.


1-25 Club Transmediale Festival (Berlin, Germany) w/ Pierre Bastien / Alexander's Annexe.